Choosing a Bay Window Replacement

Most metropolitan areas have an abundance of tint shop choices. In the San Francisco,Choosing a Good Auto Window Tint Shop Articles CA area alone, there are 30 different tint shops within a 30 mile radius. How does a discerning consumer choose the tint shop that does quality work? What is the difference between a “Dr. Tint” and a “Quality Window Tinting”?We at Window Tinting Guides suggest that you do a little research. First, compile a list of 5 potential tint shops that are likely to do good work. Ask your friends an co-workers who have tinted their cars which tint shops they chose, look in the Yellow Pages and mark down the tint shops with large professional advertisements, or come to and get price quotes from a local tint shops. Once you have this list in-hand, its time to interview each dealer:

How long have you been in business at this location? Do you have other shops in the area?Good tint shops prosper despite local competition by offering good service at reasonable prices. We suggest that you find a tint shopthat has been in business for 5 or more years at the same location. This shows a stable business that will be there years down the road if somehow the tint goes bad.Often times, successful tint shops open car tinting branches in neighboring cities. Although the installers of the branches may not be the master tinter of the bunch, since opening new shops means training new employees; however, branches are a sure sign of a successful tinting business.
What types of films do you carry? What warranty do you offer on your work?Quality tint shops carry complete lines of window film from one or multiple window filmmanufacturers. They should carry dyed, hybrid, and metallic window filmsĀ metal framed windows in a variety of colors and darknesses. Beware of tint shops that only carry one or two lines of film, and sells them aggressively. They may have acquired this film on sale, and may not be thinking of your unique requirements and con